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About Kindret Business Solutions

In 2003, Cindy Kindret began Kindret Business Solutions Inc. as she saw an opportunity to provide an elite bookkeeping service that included a vision to look at the whole operation of businesses, including human resources, operating systems and data analysis to small and medium sized businesses. She found that many business owners, although an expert in their specialized craft, marketing or sales had difficulty getting the financial data and systems in place to run efficiently. In previous positions with the background and experience as comptroller, administration manager, human resource manager and Manager Director of an Art Gallery, Cindy has the inert ability to see an operation or a set of books and know instinctively how to set it right or improve the reporting process to save time and money.


Since inception in 2003, Cindy Kindret and her carefully selected staff at Kindret Business Solutions have successfully served and supported hundreds of businesses and their bookkeeping needs.



Kindret Business Solutions is well diversified and can provide bookkeeping to any type of business, whether it be a retail store, construction, insurance, franchised business or restaurant, investment businesses, dentists, doctors, and/or any type of service industry, etc…


The ideal bookkeeping or accounting scenario is when there is regular consistent financial record keeping data established, either monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. This data when provided in a current status equips you with the information to make adjustments or adaptations to the economy, your competitors and/or your cash flow management


Our experience and versatility enables us to help virtually any type of business or service. We aspire to assist and grow with all of our clients and would like to help you make more “cents” out of your books too!!


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