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What our Clients think


"We have been working with Kindret Business Solutions for several years now and the experience has been nothing short of fantastic. Cindy and her team are professional, efficient and detail oriented. We often have time pressured deadlines as well as specific International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) to adhere to and the team at KBS make easy work of those requirements. Best of all, they allow me to focus on operating the business while I know the accounting, payroll and tax remittance are done accurately and on time."




"Cindy and her team were a great help to us when we launched our Maternity Clinic, they were there before its conception and continue to look after our bookkeeping needs going forward. It is helpful to have a place that can consistently ask questions, make requests and keep us on top of our payables, payroll and government obligations."

Dr. Bronnie Hautala



"Kindret Business Solutions has been doing our bookkeeping and payroll at giObean Espresso on Water Street in Kelowna, since its conception 2 years ago. There were so many details, regulations and requirements to get up and started, that we were so thankful to have Cindy as part of our team. Her knowledge, patience, ideas and consulting with payroll has all been invaluable."

Lucy and Giovanni Lauretta
giObean Espresso



"Kindret Business Solutions has been TAKING CARE of my business for 7 years. Cindy and her staff do more than just the bookkeeping…. They keep my business organized. If I ever have concerns or questions the staff is right there to help!! There was a time I tried to do my own books, the frustration and errors kept me tied to a desk trying to balance the BOOKS. I have every confidence that if a time ever came for an audit, I would want Cindy in my corner!!!"

Jewel Anderson



"Kindret Business Solutions has helped me transition into using the Simply Accounting platform to keep track of our businesses. They are excellent at providing solutions to problems, training and helping me keep organized with our paper work. It’s also a place to get a good laugh or to be tortured kindly…. Lol"

Glenn Freer



"Kindret Business Solutions is my bookkeeper of choice. Cindy’s knowledge and attention to detail is instrumental in coordinating our intercompany transactions, which includes multiple bank accounts and significant transactions. The outcome is accurate year end reporting for our accountant that results in great efficiency and less cost."

Jim Carta, Business Owner



"Cindy Kindret and her amazing staff! Cindy has been looking after our company's bookkeeping for a number of years and I must say, she has made our lives so much simpler. She talks in laymans terms so that we can understand the process and she ensures that our books are "year-end ready" for our accountant. I do not hesitate to recommend her services to clients, friends and family!"

Carolyn Cartier
Partner,0709373 BC Ltd.



"Olive & Elle has had the pleasure of being clients of KBS for the past four years. We have always received prompt and professional service from KBS even when a request requires immediate attention. We have found each staff member a pleasure to deal with and appreciate their personal yet professional manner. "

Linda Povarchook



"Kindret Business Solutions has been doing my books for 7 years…. Cindy and her staff have kept me organized so I know exactly where I stand!!! They are detailed orientated and very concerned that everything is balanced and is as it should be. I love the motto “Do what you do Best. Thank you Cindy."

Tim Anderson



"I have a busy schedule and need help to keep my 3 businesses organized. Kindret Business Solutions does everything for me including payroll, billing, payables, mailings, reconciliations and yearend, with billing being the most detailed and intricate. They are good at establishing systems, creating reports and forms to make it all come together efficiently and accurately. In essence they’re represent the office staff that I don’t need to hire or train separately. I consider them an important part of my team."

Jason Witt



"I’m always looking for good bookkeepers for clients who need help. After a phone chat with Cindy, I set up a meeting with her and my client and I’m very pleased to say that they hit it off like the proverbial “house on fire”! It certainly instilled a sense of confidence in me that my clients are in good hands and at tax time I’m going to have a great set of books and financial statements!"

Ed Schneider and Associates



"As a professional bookkeeper, Cindy is scrupulously accurate in data entry and thoroughly familiar with the rules and procedures of proper accounting. With respect to financial management advice, a bookkeeper has to tread a fine line between helping the client to appreciate problems and what is at stake in different possible solutions, and intruding into client autonomy and decision-making. I never feel uncomfortable in this respect as far as Cindy’s advice-giving is concerned. I have worked with a variety of bookkeepers over the years in a variety of contexts in both the profit and non-for-profit sectors of society. Cindy is by a wide margin the best bookkeeper I have worked with. Anyone whom she is able to take on as a client is very fortunate."

Treasurer 2008-2010 – Roger Shiner
Kelowna Waldorf School



"It has been a struggle to find a bookkeeper capable of managing my busy schedule, and the loads of paper trails necessary to follow the different projects, “we have on the go”, until we hired Kindret Business Solutions in 2011. I need weekly, up-to-date bank balances and assistance with my billing, all of which have been made possible by their ability to set systems, follow procedure and communicate regularly."

Trevor Neyedli



"Kindret Business Solutions have been providing accounting services for us over four years now. Being in the customer service industry, we recognize the importance of service and the level of service delivered is and always has been delivered with professionalism, integrity and reliability.
Lastly, I would not hesitate to recommend Kindret Business Solutions to anyone who is looking for efficient, timely and credible accounting services."

Chris Chapman
WGP210 Holdings Ltd. (o/a Tim Hortons)



“Cindy Kindret has an amazing ability to bring an organization and structure to your business details. Her thoroughness and clarity helps a business person have a clear understanding of their financials. She has helped me bring order to my own bookkeeping and been a mentor that I admire and look up to as I have begun my own bookkeeping business. She has also been a tremendous resource that I can draw upon and her experience is invaluable. She is friendly, approachable, accurate and consistent.”




"I run a successful small trucking business and use Kindret Business Solutions to do all of my billing, mailing, payables, reconciliations, monthly reporting and taxes. They have been with me since I started 4 years ago and I find their services thorough, helpful, consistent and dependable. Partnering with KBS Inc. has allowed me to focus on the day to day operations, leaving the accumulation of data and the creation of the financial statements in the competent hands of Cindy and her team."

Dave Anderson



"Gathering paper and data and getting it into some meaningful system and reporting regiment can be difficult but Kindret Business Solutions has been instrumental in helping me keep organized and on top of our results. They have the expertise and knowledge to work through software challenges, developing systems, payroll, all very professionally and efficiently. "




"We have been working with Cindy and her team at Kindret Business Solutions Inc. for over 6 years. They are honest, trustworthy, detail oriented, organized, timely, reliable, respectful, accountable and innovative team, all lead by Cindy’s polite, positive, caring and persistent attention to detail."

Robert Ducharme
Ducharme Landscapes